Anything that produces heat: *exists*
Linus tech tips: WATERCOOL

switched to tsubasa coz she rides a bike and that's cool

Co-op rainbow six could be cool I guess

i'm kinda thicc hrt better give me even thicker thighs can i be granted this 🙏

u ever wake up with the worms theme in ur head?

glancing at nadal vs thiem every now and then. gotta root for the underdog of course

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i totally forgot i made a pixelfed. maybe i'll use it if i start taking more photos

do u leave the water in ur noodles or drain it before adding the flavour packet?

>50-Year-Old Ox Tongue
ashens almost making me vegetarian again

got my pa2v2 back from repair thought i would never see it again

i saw ppl asking for microsoft edge on linux but idk it feels weird. it's like sonic on nintendo

when my turn my desk fan off my dell monitor blinks off and on

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