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i wish ryzen was out in early 2015 so i wasn't stuck with lga1150.

i swear intel changes so often just to nickel and dime you, i used to even run an am3 cpu in an am2+ board

these prodigy albums are getting more boring with each one

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a gnome
And you've been gnooooomed

i confess i can't get into iglooghost

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been diving into recently as a part of listening to more demoscene music again. check it out it's cool

Duke Nukem Zero Hour on vuonna 1999 julkaistu jatko-osa Duke Nukem 3D:lle. Peli on Eurocomin suunnittelema kolmannen persoonan näkökulman ammuskelupeli, ja se julkaistiin Nintendo 64:lle. Peli poikkeaa monista kolmiulotteista Duke Nukem -peleistä siinä, ettei pelissä pelasteta naisia.

Duke Nukem: Time To Kill on PlayStationille vuonna 1998 julkaistu kolmannen persoonan ammuntapeli. Peli ei sisällä radikaaleja muutoksia, vaan on hyvinkin samanlainen juonikuvioltaan kuin edelliset Duke Nukem -pelisarjan julkaisut. Tavoitteena on pelastaa kaikki maailman elossa olevat naiset, sekä tappaa kaikki maapallon vallaneet alienit.

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ppl are still playing kingpin DM twice a week 🤔 another 90s fps for me to try

only thing i remember from invite-only era google+: i was talking classical music with someone on brony google+.

and the circles were cool. not cool enough to give up even more data to google

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#GooglePlus is shutting down because of a data breach that #Google can't be bothered to make secure. No idea how bad the breach is, since Google deleted logs to hide from regulatory scrutiny. #Privacy

how do u make a video that justin y will comment on

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