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emacs is not a text editor, its a way of life
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thinking about the fishing game trailer with doom music

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according to my lastfm my first scrobbled track is livetune feat. hatsune miku - tell your world (english version) but that can't be true so it's teräsbetoni - teräsbetoni 🤢

sad about kyoani... fumoffu, haruhi and lucky star are some memorable ones from when I started watching anime

i spent time today resoldering headphones which didn't help them 😒

yoshiki fangirls must be jealous of the queen rn to be graced by his scarf

the best part about retropie/emulationstation is pressing the random button and see what game comes up

the conquest ending of neptunia 2 is fucked up for an otherwise mostly cheerful series but i had to watch it after hearing so much about it

I'm like one of the three ppl who played cryostasis sleep of reason but Return of the obra dinn is kinda like cryostasis and also on a ship

Anything that produces heat: *exists*
Linus tech tips: WATERCOOL

switched to tsubasa coz she rides a bike and that's cool

Co-op rainbow six could be cool I guess

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